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Axon delivers proactive IT/PC/Desktop/Apple/Network Support and Maintenance Services. Designed to reduce your costs, increase your profits and mitigate your business risks, We play a role of your IT Business Partner, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.

We believe in taking the no-nonsense approach in dealing with IT vendors who have no respect for business downtime. 

We will go any distance to ensure the problems are rectified and put an end to any Vendors who uses Jargons to cover up, Refer to our Testimonials.

All of us have experienced one of the following nightmares in dealing with IT company or vendor.

If you are facing any one of the issues below
(which I am sure you are!)
Talk to us - We will apply the Axon X factor support..

Your current IT provider not doing a good job ? - disappears into thin air - Talk to us and we will do a smooth migration
You lost your id and password for domain or hosting, can't to us, we will guide you for FREE.
IT Support person/company can't be reached via mobile/office
IT company/guy giving your excuses after excuses
IT company/guy giving reasons using Jargon to cover up
IT company/guy giving jargon's to pay more - but you have no idea why you are paying
IT company/guy putting the blame on the PC/Laptop but you can't figure out why
IT company/guy asking you to upgrade or purchase new PC which you just bought recently
IT company/guy repair your PC/Laptop for X dollar when your PC/Laptop does not even worth X dollar - better to purchase a new PC/Laptop
You are facing the issues now, but the IT firm/person states he is only free on X day and you have to wait for him to return
You are facing issues with Internet - ISP provide Singtel/Starhub/M1 states nothing wrong and you can't figure out why
You are facing issues with Email - your hosting provides states nothing wrong with server and you can't figure out why
You receive email about your company domain or email Trademark and asking you pay another scam.
You receive email Get your website number 1 on Google, after you pay you are scratching your head. Normally most people ignore this as the amount is small, if you multiply even USD1 x 5 million users the picture is clear.

Basically you are paying to ensure no downtime but you have no clue what is happening as issue are repeated over and over again.

The bottom line is simple, similar to car workshops, where you can find many dishonest workshops where instead of fixing the issue, they work out a temporary solution which enables them to make more money on repeated visits.

Our Maintenance Clients

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I have worked with Amit for 14 years and I am deeply impressed with his company's impeccable professionalism, highest level of integrity and unparalleled customer service .

Keep up the good work Amit and your team

Dave Phua
Managing Director
Training Edge International

Spa Synergy has been very pleased to work with Axon and Amit for the past year of their appointment.

Axon has been absolutely fantastic providing us with all kinds of IT services for our business and is always the one to solve all IT related hick ups can occur in an office where
we rely so much on our computers.

Amit is very committed to servicing his clients in the very best way. He is efficient, professional and reliable and we are happy to recommend him to any other company or individual
in needs of IT and web site solutions.

Maggie Gunning
Spa Synergy Group

It is not only a rarity to come across such a kind, dedicated and hard-working team, but also to enjoy working alongside with the entire team was such a pleasure due to their jovial and light-hearted personalities. From start to finish, they put in their best efforts. In fact, sometimes as early as6am I would receive an email with the changes done to the site.

I would definitely suggest Axon for their home IT Services, Website Development and SEO push. As a meticulous person by nature, they worked so very hard to fulfill my Website and SEO needs. My husband has been extremely happy with their IT Services as well. Thanks to Axon,I can happily say within 2 weeks- my website was successfully up and running."

Puja Kirpalani"Pamela
Inner High Living Pte Ltd

Hi Aaron and Amit,

I'd like to thank Aaron for all his help, fixing the virus in our pc and reformatting and reinstalling everything again.

He gave wonderful service, is professional and it is a real pleasure to work with someone with that much diligence and initiative.

Much appreciated and thanks again.

Kind regards,

Kim Rose Allen and Eric
Managing Director
Zhai Pte Ltd

I can't thank you enough! I really appreciate all your support and advise and we will continue with Axon for many more years to come.

Your mode of support and understanding of business implications and downtime via sms, whatsapp and email is unbelievable.

Thank you
Shalini Kapoor
CEO & Founder
Little Artist Pte Ltd